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A-Cube Microsystems - Your Professional House Cleaning, Office Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning Company


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Who Are We


A-Cube Microsystems, a cleaning company that has been operating for more than a decade, is Singapore's  Professional House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Commercial Property Cleaning / Events Cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Babysitting, Laundry, Marble Polishing and Parquet Polishing company which meets the cleaning needs for people in Singapore and all corporate clients. We specialize in Carpet Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Shampooing and Carpet Steam Cleaning services. We also deal with Carpet Tile Supply and Installation , laundry services and house moving. The company has won the hearts of many home and business owners due to our flexible policies, professional services, constant desire for improvements and competitive prices. We don't believe in sales talk or spending very heavy advertising dollars to promote our services. Instead, we  believe that word of mouth from our clients is the best and most reliable way to promote our cleaning services. Hence, we strive hard to achieve a top-notch service at a competitive price. If you need weekly office cleaners, carpet cleaning, Pre-Move In, Post-Renovation Cleaning, laundry/dry cleaning services, house moving services, house/office painting services, air-con servicing, marble and parquet polishing, come to us now. 



Our cleaning business was incorporated in July 2002, with


a mission to help the poor, the needy, the weak and the sick


people and animals of this world.


We also strive to help people secure jobs during bad economic situations. We have combined forces with the South-West CDC to facilitate jobs for the South-West residents in the house, office cleaning and babysitting industry. We also have contacts with the other regional CDCs, Mendaki, CDAC, E2i as well as other networks. A-Cube Microsystems was awarded the South-West CDC Job Facilitator Award and Corporate Partner Award on 15 July 2003.


Our Achievements

 A-Cube Microsystems was awarded the South-West CDC Job Facilitator Award and Corporate Partner Award on 15 July 2003.


What makes us different from others

The Difference between Us and Other competitors?

WE HAVE A MISSION TO HELP THE NEEDY by sharing with them the wealth and knowledge; providing them the job & financial security; not only giving them the fishes but also teaching them how to fish! We also help the poor animals on this earth.

  1. Our prices have been discounted from the usual prices. Thus our prices are very competitive and reasonable.

  2. There are no hidden costs apart from the price quoted and no inspection of the house is needed. (Some competitors may charge a very low basic price and ask for hefty extra charges upon inspection of the house).

  3. The equipments we use are top-notch professional equipment from industry leaders in hygiene living for Carpet Shampooing, Washing, Cleaning and Steaming.  

High quality liquid cleaners are used for the cleaning. We do not compromise on Quality.


About Our Pricing

We do not believe in offering the lowest price in the market. Costs of higher quality manpower, superior cleaning equipment and liquid cleaners are fixed costs to us.  A lower price would mean the use of lower-skilled, lower paid cleaners which may result in poorer services, higher turnover rate of workers, lower morale and low honesty. A lower price would also mean that usage of low quality cleaning solution which may cause unseen harm to your health and your house. You have the right to decide what you want! At A-Cube Microsystems, we offer the Best Value for Your Money!   


Our Services at a Glance

  1. Weekly Office Cleaning, Daily Office Cleaners and Events Cleaning 

  2. Carpet Cleaning, Shampooing, Washing and Steam Cleaning (20% discount off usual price!)

  3. House Cleaning / Pre-Move In Cleaning / Post-Renovation Cleaning (20% discount off usual price!)

  4. Babysitting / Babysitters / Childcare / Nannies

  5. Marble Polishing / Parquet Polishing / Parquet Varnishing(20% discount off usual price!)

  6. House Moving / House Movers / Relocation Services

  7. Curtain Laundry and Dry Cleaning

  8. Carpet Tile Supply and Installation (20% discount off normal price!)

  9. Air-con Servicing / Repairing

  10. Lawn Mowing / Grass-cutting

  11. House Painting / Office Painting

  12. High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning / Spraying (for terrace houses, bungalows, detached houses and other types of residential/commercial properties)   New!





 ***Companies who wish to advertise on our websites or partner up with us are welcomed to contact us.***





Awards We Have Received

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In recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the Web.


International Memberships

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A-Cube Microsystems is now a donating member of PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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A-Cube Microsystems is now a donating member of the following:

IFAW - International Fund for Animal Welfare

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Dear fellow Singaporeans and international friends, pls help Save ONE MILLION innocent Seals from Merciless Slaughter! Click Here or on the Seal Pic above!


HSUS - Humane Society of the United States

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SPCA Singapore

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Society for the Physically Disabled

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Home Nursing Foundation

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Singapore Children's Society

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Leukemia Lymphoma Foundation

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St. Andrew's Community Hospital

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Dover Park Hospice

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Our Corporate Passion to the People and Animals of this Planet Earth

There are many less fortunate people and animals in this world that needs our care, love and concern. We at A-Cube Microsystems sincerely wish to help them lead a more blessed life.  

Show your love and compassion to all those poor people and animals in this world today by clicking on the banners below and also supporting PETA above.


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