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+ General Servicing + (click to show/hide more info)

We provide general servicing to residential and commercial customers. General servicing includes cleaning and inspection of system. Typically, general servicing should be carried out every 3 months for residential units and monthly for commercial units (varies with usage and environment).

+ Troubleshooting/Repair + (click to show/hide more info)

We provide free, no-obligation troubleshooting to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are skilled at pinpointing the problem and will consult with you on the best method of repair. Common air-con problems include not being cold enough, too noisy, leaking water, not working, foul odour and icing.

+ Chemical Wash (Overhaul) + (click to show/hide more info)

Chemical washes are recommended every 1-2 years for residential units and yearly for commercial units. Chemical washes can be done on both the fan coil unit and condenser unit. It consists of dismantling of the air-con unit and doing a thorough chemical wash of internal parts.

+ Installation + (click to show/hide more info)

With so many choices of air-con units now, it may be hard to choose. Our friendly technicians can help recommend the right type of air-con for you. We provide installation of all major air-con brands, including Daikin, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Fujiair, Fujitsu, McQuay and Mitsubishi Electric.

Servicing Contract
Regular servicing should be done on your air-con to keep it running efficiently. We offer yearly maintenance contracts to save you money on your maintenance costs.
For residential customers, we have service contracts for:
- 3 times/year (every 4 months)
- 4 times/year (every 3 months)
- 6 times/year (every 2 months), and
- 12 times/year (every month).
For commercial customers, please contact us for your custom quotation.
Contract Customer Benefits:
- Continuous water-leak warranty for duration of contract
- Priority on-call service
- Discounts for spare parts replacement
- Free troubleshooting & diagnosis

Check out our current promotions for servicing contract prices.
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