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Our A-Cube Air Con Services

+ General Servicing + (click to show/hide more info)

We provide general air con servicing to residential and commercial customers. General servicing includes inspection and cleaning of the air con systems. General servicing should be carried out once every 3 months for residential units and monthly for commercial units (This may vary according to the environment and usage.

+ Troubleshooting/Repair + (click to show/hide more info)

Our technicians provide free, no-obligation troubleshooting to residential and commercial customers. Our technicians are skilled at finding out the cause of the problem and will discuss with you on the best way of repair. Common air-con problems include being too noisy, not being cold enough, not working, leaking water, foul odour and icing.

+ Chemical Wash (Overhaul) + (click to show/hide more info)

Chemical washes are recommended every 1 to 2 years for residential units and yearly for commercial office units. Chemical washes can be done on both the condenser unit and the fan coil unit. This consists of dismantling of the air-con unit and doing a thorough chemical wash of the internal parts.

+ Installation + (click to show/hide more info)

With so many choices of air-con units now, it may be difficult to choose. Our friendly and experienced technicians can help recommend the right type of air-con for you. We provide installation of all major air-con brands, including Panasonic, Daikin, Toshiba, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Fujiair, Fujitsu, Carrier and Mitsubishi Electric.

Servicing Contract
Regular servicing should be done on your air-cons to keep them running efficiently. We offer yearly and other forms of maintenance contracts to save you money on your maintenance costs.
For residential customers, we have service contracts for:
- 3 times/year (every 4 months)
- 4 times/year (every 3 months)
- 6 times/year (every 2 months), and
- 12 times/year (every month).
For corporate office clients, please contact us for your custom quotations.
Contract Customer Benefits:
- Continuous water-leak warranty for duration of contract
- Priority on-call service
- Discounts for spare parts replacement
- Free troubleshooting & diagnosis

Check out our current promotions for servicing contract rates.
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