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Do you know?

It's a frightening, but do you know that a dirty carpet can have up to 4x it's own weight in dirt?
Before the days when fitted carpets were introduced, most people would take their carpets outside their house once a year, had them thoroughly beaten and they would be surprised at the appearance of the huge dust clouds. Now that carpets are fitted we can't do that. Most houses are centrally heated so dust mites can flourish on the dust easily. How many family members, relatives and friends do you know that suffer from allergies?

Independent Carpet studies

Vacuuming alone is not capable of removing all the dirt and dust out of carpets. Independent carpet studies carried out by leading test laboratory Cleaning Research International (CRI) have shown that carpet cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing or carpet washing result in significantly better and cleaner results than vacuuming alone.
Vacuuming can only remove the top layer of dirt and dust. Much of the lower layer of dirt and dust remains trapped underneath and as the grit, grease and dirt get trodden deeper and deeper, they cut the carpet pile, not only making it dull but the carpet fibres are also loosened.


Carpet Cleaning Services
Carpet Washing
This office carpet has been vacuumed on a regular basis. Surface dirt has been removed but notice how much more dirt and dust are still buried underneath, gnawing at the pile. The carpet looks very flat and tired.
By using our Deep Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning System, all the dust and dirt have vanished. The color has returned and the carpet pile is springy and soft once again, all the way down to the backing. This is the same strip of the office carpet.

Commonly Held Myths

It is a common belief by customers that washing office carpets, especially woollen ones, is bad for them. This is not true. By regularly cleaning your carpets, your carpet colors will be brightened, trapped odors and bacteria removed and the lifespan of carpets prolonged.
When we clean your carpet with our Deep Water Extraction System, the carpet fibres are washed gently with biodegradable carpet cleaning solutions without getting the backing wet, which means there is no chance of shrinking and the carpet will be dry to walk on in no time.

A Relief for allergy sufferers

Carpet Cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet shampooing and carpet washing methods are among the most effective ways to rid your old office carpets of the unhealthy residues left by dust mites and shoes of people in the carpet pile. These harmful residues may result in asthma and other allergens, and also permit air pollutants into your house and office.

The Fibreflow Carpet Washing System

The patented Fibreflow Carpet Washing System
Carpet Cleaning Services
The special and bio-green carpet cleaning actions circulate a solution of hot water and cleaning solution gently through the carpet fibres without wetting the backing of the carpet. Stuck dirt and dust are thus loosened and sucked back up into the hot water carpet extraction cleaning machine.

Carpet Cleaning Services   Carpet Shampooing Services

Cleaning your office carpets with our carpet shampooing and carpet steaming machines are as easy as vacuuming. The carpet cleaning head has been specially designed to roll over your carpet tiles with ease and maneuverability. After using our carpet cleaning machines our customers will notice a noticeable difference in the brightness of the color and texture of the carpet pile. Once you have removed ground-in dirt for the first time, subsequent carpet cleaning sessions will be easier and faster too. Our company have been performing carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, carpet washing and carpet steaming for more than 18 YEARS in Singapore. Many of our clients are repeat customers as they are satisfied and happy with our carpet cleaning services. The carpet cleaning solutions that we use are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and safe.


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Floor Area Conversion Table
Square foot Square meter
10 0.9
100 9.3
200 18.6
300 27.8
500 46.5
1000 92.9
5000 464.5
10,000 929.0
*1 square foot = 0.092 903 04 square meter

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Benefits of Office Carpet Cleaning, Shampooing, Steaming and Washing

The Importance of Office Carpet Washing, Carpet Cleaning, Steam Cleaning and Carpet Shampooing

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