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All Professionally done

We provide quality singapore laundry services to save your valuable time and hassles, and to manage your busy lifestyle. Professional laundry service also prolongs your garments' lifespan, and resolve these usual problems when you do your own laundry washing:

◈Garments with Leather Trim

Fabrics made with leather trim are currently quite popular. Methods used to attach the trim to the shell include hand stitching, sewing, and/or the use of adhesives.
The serviceability of the garment, as well as the terminology on the care label, will vary considerably. It is our practice to take the care label into consideration before processing a garment containing leather trim, and detemine the best cleaning process. The construction of the garment may limit its cleanability due to the use of different types of materials, and results in bleeding of the colored, leather trim during cleaning, thus self-staining of the lighter-colored materials, differential shrinkage between the leather and cloth portions etc.

◈Curtain with Water Marks

Sometimes after curtain cleaning, unsightly brown or yellow rings or streaks may appear on curtain fabrics. The discoloration usually appears as a ring or "water mark" on the exposed folds or near the hem of the curtains.


Shrinkage can occur in items made from any fiber content, and can also occur in leather. Shrinkage may result from improper stabilization of the fabric or from improper laundry cleaning procedures.
We provide Singapore laundry services to both residential and commercial customers. We collect and deliver clothings, household linen, curtains, leather garments, suits etc after washing, ironing, or dry cleaning.

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